Things you should stop doing, being an IT professional

Talking the alien language that only geeks understand.

Many of the greatest ideas are born when people from different fields come together and decide to discuss their ideas at a basic level. If one can’t put his idea in a level that five year old understands, he doesn’t understand it well enough.

Thinking the user will (spend time to) know the product.

One of the highest qualities is predicting everything that could go wrong, and making sure it doesn’t. If you’ve created a network for selfies, but get cats in pajamas ─ well apparently the impression you’ve made is complete balls.

What have you done, Jeffrey.
People are so busy nowadays with all the information flowing and things changing every second that if the platform isn’t giving quality performance based on users instinct, consider it extinct.

Worrying about perfection.

Don’t worry, you’ll never achieve it. Take the half made idea, put it together and deliver the minimum. You’ll have bigger enthusiasm to develop it further, ability to receive feedback and see what’s to be done next.

“To be worthy does not mean to be perfect.” – Gerrit W. Gong

Staying focused only in this field.

You’ll see a bunch of new possibilities by taking even the smallest step out of your comfort zone. There are many successful businesses that use time consuming methods only because they’re professionals in their area, but not as tech-savvy. Make their life easier.
For example, have you seen the salad-tossing machine?
Worked out great!